Jeffrey A. Cozzolino, Esq.
11 Pleasant Street, Suite 110
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508.756.7000
Fax: 508.756.7025

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  • Divorce
    Separation Agreements, Modifications, Guardianships and Contempt Actions.
  • Child Custody
    Care, Shared Custody, Temporary Care and Removal of Child from State.
  • Child Support
    Care, Custody, Maintenance, Child Support Obligations, Provisions for Education and Health Insurance.
  • Alimony
    Pensions and Other Relief.

  • Wills and Estates
    Appointment of executors, distribution of real and personal property, estate taxation, elders' issues.
  • Trusts
    Massachusetts Laws
  • Paternity
    Children Born Out of Wedlock, Proceeding to Determine Parentage, Establishment of Paternity, Genetic Marker Tests


“I’ve worked with Jeff on multiple occasions. Each time he was prepared, performed a thorough job, and left me happy with the quality of his work. I will definitely hire him again for any future legal needs and have even referred him to family and friends.”
K. L., Worcester, MA
Client in the areas of Divorce and Estate Planning


“Jeff is precisely knowledgeable in his area of legal practice. He was very efficient in achieving my goals. The outcome of my situation far exceeded my expectations. I’m truly grateful for his services.”
D.  C., Holden, MA
Client in the areas of Divorce and Estate Planning


Attorney Jeffrey Cozzolino is the type of attorney you will need no matter what the circumstance may be in your divorce issue. Whether your back is against the wall and your circumstances are dire, as was my case, or it is a simple matter of dotting I’s and crossing T’s, Jeff is the only choice. I know this from firsthand knowledge and experience. Jeffrey Cozzolino is beyond thorough, aggressive, prepared and above all is a brilliant strategist. He knows the law and if you decide on any attorney other than Jeff Cozzolino you have already taken a step backward. I can say without doubt he is the finest lawyer in the city of Worcester and surrounding areas. Do not make a mistake and hire anyone. Do your research as thoroughly as I did and hire Jeffrey Cozzolino to ensure your legal rights are kept safely in the proper hands.

R.  M., Worcester, MA
Client in the areas of Divorce


” I  have retained Jeff’s law office on two separate occasions and each time his legal knowledge & experience resolved the situations efficiently and effectively.  I could not be more pleased. His successful efforts are deeply appreciated. Many Thanks…”
S. D.,  Shrewsbury,  MA
Client in the area of Civil Litigation