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  • Divorce
    Separation Agreements, Modifications, Guardianships and Contempt Actions.
  • Child Custody
    Care, Shared Custody, Temporary Care and Removal of Child from State.
  • Child Support
    Care, Custody, Maintenance, Child Support Obligations, Provisions for Education and Health Insurance.
  • Alimony
    Pensions and Other Relief.

  • Wills and Estates
    Appointment of executors, distribution of real and personal property, estate taxation, elders' issues.
  • Trusts
    Massachusetts Laws
  • Paternity
    Children Born Out of Wedlock, Proceeding to Determine Parentage, Establishment of Paternity, Genetic Marker Tests


How Do I Get A Divorce?
The process of divorce begins when a party, husband or wife, files a complaint for divorce in the Probate and Family Court, in the county in which the parties last lived together, or where the party filing the complaint currently lives.  The Complaint must then be personally served upon the other party, by a sheriff or constable, in-hand.

How much child support will my spouse have to pay for the support of our children?

Child support is determined by the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines, a comprehensive mathematical formula that takes into consideration the gross incomes of both parents, the cost of medical insurance, and the cost if any of day care for the minor children. A child support guideline sheet may be found at the clerk’s office of any Probate and Family Court in the state.

What are the reasons that a person may be divorced in Massachusetts?
Massachusetts is a no-fault state, which means that a party, husband or wife, doesn’t necessarily need to be at fault.  No-fault grounds mean irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Simply said, both parties are agreeing that they should no longer be married for whatever the reason may be. There are also fault-based grounds for divorce such as cruel and abusive treatment, adultery, abandonment, gross intoxication, etc.

How long will my divorce take?
Your case might be concluded in as little as several months or as long as two years.  The main factor that drives the length of a case is the reasonableness of the parties involved.

What items do I need to organize and collect?
1. Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate
2. Past 3 Years of Tax Returns
3. Most Recent Retirement Account Statements
4. Most Recent Bank Account Statements
5. Last 3 Paystubs
6. W-2 Statement From Previous Year